November 25th 2017 Satanic Stomp Oberhausen (GER)
December 7th 2017 Gagarin 205 Athens (GR)
December 8th 2017 Altstadt Eindhoven (NL)
December 9th 2017 Conne Island Leipzig (GER)
January 12th 2017 Club Vaudeville Lindau (GER)
January 13th 2018 Strom Munich (GER)
January 25th 2018 Freakout Club Bologna (Italy)
January 26th 2018 Honky Tonk Seregno (Italy)
January 27th 2018 Nasty Boys Treviso (Italy)
February 1st 2018 The Fleece Bristol (UK)
February 2nd 2018 Waterfront Norwich (UK)
February 3rd 2018 The Flag Watford (UK)
February 4th 2018 Doghouse Nottingham (UK)
March 2nd 2018 Gato Calavera Mexico City (Mexico)
March 3rd 2018 Café Iguana Monterrey (Mexico)
March 10th 2018 Blackbox Tijuana (Mexico)
March 23rd 2018 Chelsea Vienna (AUSTRIA)
March 24th 2018 GEI Timmelkam (AUSTRIA)